A high-touch Business Simplicity Program

for the Service Provider who is:

  • Quick to implement new tips and information 


  • Willing to be proactive in reaching their goals


  • Ready to refine their offer, marketing, workflow


  • Dedicated to excellence and honing their craft


  • Someone who prioritizes quality over quantity


  • Running their business full-time (some exceptions)

  • Determined to build great wealth and give back


  • Wanting personalized 1 - 1 strategy and support


I was finding it difficult to know how to go about moving forward in my business. Since working with Delanie, I know exactly where to focus my energy, and it’s been easy and fun. She breaks everything down into simple pieces, she’s enthusiastic, and is just the greatest.


Gregory Behrendt

New York Times Bestselling Author 

Delanie has changed my life. She’s helped me reverse engineer my goals, given practical action steps and accountability, and she is no bullshit. She will light a fire under your ass and instill the confidence in you to go for it. I’m getting callbacks, modeling gigs, booking leading roles, and getting interviewed for papers. Working with Delanie is like therapy for your career.

Deserea Noriega

Leading Actress and Writer


I accomplished more in 2 months working with Delanie than I did in 2 years working alone, and I made my investment back ten-fold in a matter of weeks! I have a booked calendar with ideal clients, and I would not have made it this far without Delanie. She is changing lives. 

Tillah Freckleton

Milestone Photographer



The Next Step:

Apply for a 15 minute comped Business Solution call so we can discuss your goals, obstacles you may be experiencing, and determine if this partnership is a mutual fit. This program is for service providers who have been in business 3+ years (some exceptions made). You'll be offered guidance and practical action steps even if I'm unable to take you on as a client. 

Space for these calls is limited to 1 per week

and filled on a first come, first served basis.




You want a streamlined and focused business but you have several different offers, streams of revenue, interests, or projects that feel equally important to you - making it hard to narrow down who you serve, how you share about your work, and the systematization of your operations.



You’re nervous to choose a direction for your business, or "niche down," because you don't want to lose potential income, clients, customers, opportunities, or disappoint your friend’s neighbor, Steve, who might want to buy that one package you still offer but don’t really enjoy delivering.




It's difficult to know where to direct your energy because you consistently come up with new ideas you want to explore, but nothing feels right enough to go "all in" on and the result is perpetual indecision. Being a wellness coach, finance expert, movie buff podcaster, and knitted cat sweater specialist can be overwhelming and confusing for both you, and your community.


Top 15 reasons my clients work with me

I felt completely lost before I started working with Delanie and now have so much clarity about my business goals. Things I've been wanting to figure out for a decade! She puts so much heart and energy into her work and offers very thoughtful guidance. Words can't express my gratitude for her. 


Alex Catalano

Owner, Eat Cute

My business used to be just an idea. 6 months after working with Delanie, I have a blossoming small business! I book virtual cocktail classes, have a website, a content strategy, and a streamlined payment system. It’s a well-oiled machine. Delanie is an amazing mentor and sounding board, and her program provided the structure I needed. Plus, her virtual networking event was a blast! 


Regina DiPerna

Virtual Cocktail Instructor

Delanie offered so much guidance and support as I moved across the country to L.A. to pursue a creative writing career. She suggested which classes to take, how to pitch myself, and what networks to join. She breaks everything down into simple steps and I’m getting gigs!

Mahogany Aminzia

Creative Writer



You have a main offer (and a couple more integrated intentionally) that you’re really known for, and it’s a high quality product, product line, or service that provides incredible results and leads to raving fans, clients, and customers.



You have a clear brand. You're no longer questioning what to share or how to share it. The marketing you do doesn’t even feel like marketing because it’s simple, sustainable, organic, and you actually enjoy it! No more forcing yourself to write that blog post if you hate writing. 



 Your operations are streamlined, systematized, automated, and you have a small (but mighty) team or network of highly skilled contractors (or employees - damn you’re cool) who do sh*t the way you like it. Things run smoothly without you always having to be there.





You have the thing that made you want to work for yourself in the first place. Freedom of time, money, energy, and creativity. You feel energized, purposeful, and fulfilled. You can leave big ass tips, donate to causes you care about, surprise your family with that vacation they’ve been wanting (and even get the fancy bread at the grocery store). You can take a 3 hour lunch break to meet a friend for coffee, volunteer at that non-profit, take a nap on a Tuesday at 2pm just because you feel like it, and have long weekends whenever you damn well please. Plus, you have the capacity to dream up the next thing you might want to create. 



​It took me a long time to undo and unlearn what I had been taught about work, purpose, and success.

I used to work 60 hour weeks doing a bunch of different things I didn’t enjoy. I was perpetually burnt out, unfulfilled, and broke. Now, I work 15 hours a week doing specialty work that I love (business coaching and podcasting are beyond what I could've dreamt up for myself on career day in elementary school), I make prettyyyy good moola (debt-free, giving back the way I always wanted to, and investing in my future), and have plenty of free time for my loved ones, health, hobbies, and other fun stuff.

I built what success means to me,

I help my clients build what

success means to them




A 6 month commitment to yourself.

(sounds pretty time consuming with lots of homework, I can't add that to my already full plate)


This program is designed to relieve your stress, overwhelm, and indecision - not add to it. We problem-solve, free up your time, and prioritize. Your 'homework' consists of 3 simple action steps per month in order to keep you grounded in the tasks that will actually move your business or project forward. No heavy preparation is needed, all you have to do is show up and follow-through on the steps we create for you together. A lot of f*cking magic can happen in 6 months. 




This is a monthly video call where we dive deep for 50 minutes into your business or project - what's working, what needs adjusting, what you’re enjoying, etc. We might review your materials, data, or anything else you want to show me for feedback. We cover development, strategy, logistics, implementation, streamlining, and can even use these calls as working sessions to build, repurpose, or launch something. We utilize this time the way you want, and if you're unsure of how you want to use these, I'm always ready with questions and simple next steps for maintenance and growth regarding your offer, marketing, and workflow because I'm in love with your business as much as you are.  


Voxer is a free walkie talkie app. This is how we stay connected in between our monthly video calls and how we implement and refine those small, but important, details. You can send me voice messages, texts, photos, files, and even gifs (is it pronounced gifs or jifs?)! Think of me as your business buddy on demand, or the mentor in your pocket. Like Netflix, but for your goals. Even if you're just having one of those rough entrepreneur days where things feel tough and you need to vent, I'm here for that too. We celebrate the milestones, and we tend to the anxiety, together. Reach out to me anytime via Voxer and you'll receive a response from me during the weekly Tues-Thurs mentorship hours.



I created a concise digital package full of tips and templates because my clients often shared the concern that they didn't know how to pitch themselves. Whether this was for an opportunity they were interested in, a collaboration of some kind, or to a potential client or customer. They felt like they just didn't know how to reach out, what to offer, or an effective way to follow-up. So, I gift each of my clients these custom templates that I've created and tweaked over several years, the ones I've used for my own businesses and passion projects. These templates have led to big collaborations, features in publications, thousands of dollars in sales, audience growth, fulfilling partnerships, and more - for myself and for my clients. 



 I work with talented and compassionate clients who enjoy supporting each other's work in various ways, as well as collaborating on podcast episodes, virtual workshops, and more! Great friendships have even formed. As my client, you get access to this community of people so you can connect and add value to each other’s businesses, projects, and lives! Visibility on the directory and participation via collaboration or anything else within the network is completely optional. Every client's individual needs and privacy are respected. 



I’m connected with a team of contractors that include people who have been instrumental to my own business growth, as well as those who have helped my clients, and these contractors offer exclusive packages to my clients (they love them, what can I say?). Everything from audio editing, logo and website design, financial guidance, and other specialty consulting services. Any niche or skill I'm not well-versed in, I usually have an incredible expert to direct you to who offers a sweet, sweet deal. 



An invitation to a semi-annual virtual event exclusively for my clients so you can meet and connect with a variety of fellow service providers! During the event, everyone has an opportunity to introduce themselves and share about their business or project, discuss any opportunities they're open to receiving, and then we wrap it up with a raffle of incredible prizes - a mix of products and services contributed by clients, myself, and my team. It's a supportive environment where awesome partnerships, collaborations, and friendships begin!


After completing the 6 month program, my clients have the opportunity to keep their 1 - 1 spot with me indefinitely. The majority of my clients stay with me for a year or more, and it's an awesome experience witnessing their dream careers become a reality. They've done everything from hitting the top iTunes charts, quadrupling their income, leaving their day job, significantly growing their audience or community, receiving exposure on their dream platforms, getting featured in major publications, going viral, and most importantly their clients, customers, and fans tell them that they're making a huge impact. 

I can say with 10,000% certainty that I would have NEVER started a podcast if it weren't for Delanie. My podcast even hit #43 on the top parenting charts! I’ve also obtained my Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism certification, host workshops, and opened my own gym!


Keisha Tower

Owner, CrossFit Golden Warrior

I was so scared to invest because I hadn’t seen a significant ROI from past ventures. I got my return on investment from Delanie’s program within 1 WEEK of working with her! I’ve since doubled my following, hired an assistant, been featured on 10+ podcasts, started a blog, tripled my podcast downloads, am steadily booking clients, launched a masterclass, and my confidence has skyrocketed. I was also able to leave my day job!!! The best part, Delanie makes it easy.


Nicole Baker

Life Coach

Since working with Delanie, my wedding invitation sales have increased, I’ve booked multiple mural projects, hired on a chalkboard artist and virtual assistant, and am getting larger art commissions! AND I’ve more than doubled my income! 

Courtney Larsen

CEO, Spindles Design Co.


This 6 month program is a $9,997 investment. I have 10 clients on The E-ficionado Program roster at a given time to ensure each individual gets the focused and personalized support they deserve. Due to my clients having the option to maintain their 1-1 spot in the program indefinitely, availability varies. Please fill out the application below to be considered and you will receive a response from my team with availability, interview, and waitlist information. 


My clients entrust me with a lot. Their time, money, energy, breakthroughs, and personal and professional milestones. I don't take this responsibility lightly, or for granted, and it's a privilege to be a part of their process. Each of them have wildly different blueprints for their business or project, by design. Their approach is based on their individual interests, skillsets, and needs. Although there are tried-and-true practices, there is no one-size-fits-all for building your dream career. Nobody in my program is forced to try methods that aren't aligned with their personality or values. 


The Next Step:

Apply for a 15 minute comped Business Solution call so we can discuss your goals, obstacles you may be experiencing, and determine if this partnership is a mutual fit. This program is for service providers who have been in business 3+ years (some exceptions made). You'll be offered guidance and practical action steps even if I'm unable to take you on as a client. 

Space for these calls is limited to 1 per week

and filled on a first come, first served basis.








I attended the same elementary school as my mom and we had the SAME 1st grade teacher.

I've met my celebrity crush, Jack Black, 3 times (I promise I'm not a stalker). 

I was a collegiate rower for a year (I quit because that sh*t is intense and I kept falling asleep in class).

Was in an independent study program in high school AKA the neighborhood homeschooled kid.

Majored in religions of the world and graduated from UC Santa Barbara (Go Gauchos!).

My grandpa is from Dublin, Ireland and it's on my bucket list to visit his childhood home (which is now a Hilton!).







I had a potbellied pig named Arthur as a pet and he inspired me to look into the whole vegan thang.

My dad's an identical twin making my cousins genetically my half-siblings (WTF).


Some jobs I had in my early 20s: Trader Joe's crew member, nanny, tutor, Lyft driver.

I studied abroad in Athens and Paros, Greece and got to stand on top of The Parthenon. 

I was a teleprompter and traffic cam operator for a local news station.


I met my husband in a studio page program (I was kinda his supervisor...oops but yay?). 

For info about my professional background visit here.



When does Delanie hold coaching calls?

Delanie holds calls on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 10am - 1pm PT, but does make some exceptions for clients who cannot attend calls during those times.

Can I connect with Delanie anytime in between monthly 1-1 video calls?

Yes! You will receive a follow-up email after each video call with your “next steps” to focus on that month, and Voxer support (free walkie talkie app) is in place every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. You can reach out to her directly at any time with questions or updates that may pop up in between calls and she will respond to you on those days - plus you can talk back and forth in real-time! Voxer communication offers voice messages, texts, photos, and more.

Can I consult with Delanie about different things at once, or split up my calls to cover different topics?

Yes! Delanie's happy to consult with you on different projects or businesses. You get to decide how you want to utilize your time with her.

Can more than 1 person be included on the calls?

Yes! Delanie's happy to meet with you and your co-host, business partner, or other team members on your calls. However, we are unable to manage the scheduling of multiple people on our end, so the call would be scheduled as if it were a 1 on 1 call.

If I want to pay in full, can I split my payment between 2 cards?

Yes! We can accommodate split payments if you’d like to pay in full, and you can also update your card information at any time if you decide to opt in for monthly auto-payments instead.

Receive the sheet that corresponds with each episode of

The E-Ficionado Podcast, a new top charting pod for service

providers, CEOs, and creatives who want to keep sh*t simple. 


Photos by 1-1 Coaching Alum @tillahslens