Are you an introverted service provider or business leader who is trying to find the balance between having a successful platform while also maintaining your privacy, peace, and sanity? If the mere thought of live-streaming literally anything freaks you the f*ck out, social media numbers get you in your head, and you have mixed feelings about being visible to the masses (“is it even possible to scrub the internet if I change my mind?!”), tune in right now babyy. This episode dives into the pros and cons of putting yourself out there, how to market your business in a way that makes you most comfortable, and practical action steps for systematizing your platform so you can thrive as an introvert.

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This episode of E-ficionado: The Podcast includes:

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+ A discussion between Business Simplicity Coach, Delanie Fischer, and her Operations Manager, Kris Hillberg, about why podcasting has been a great marketing strategy as introverts, a variety of practical action steps you can take in order to increase your comfort and decrease your anxiety while being visible for your business, and tips for implementing your unique marketing strategy as an introverted entrepreneur

+ 10 tips and takeaways for prioritizing your well being while running a successful platform

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Cover art by Patrick Nicely

Photo by Tillah Freckleton

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