If your revenue is inconsistent, you’re relying on only one offer to pay your bills, or your business isn’t set up for you to be able to take vacations, maternity leaves, or breaks whenever the hell you want (while still makin’ money), tune in to this episode. This episode covers innovative, intentional, and even unconventional, ways to diversify your income and enjoy multiple streams of revenue so you can create a sense of peace and security, but also predictability and balance in your business. After this episode you will have a sh*t ton of ideas to pull from so you can determine the best next income stream for you - something that feels fun, simple, and makes sense for your goals.

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This episode of E-ficionado: The Podcast includes:

- The Side Piece, a guide that includes practical applications designed to support you in simplifying, streamlining, and scaling your service-based business can be found here:

- A discussion between Business Simplicity Coach, Delanie Fischer, and her Operations Manager, Kris Hillberg, about the various ways they’ve created different streams of revenue in their businesses ranging from 1-1 services, group programs, digital and physical products, and membership communities to live events, speaking engagements, brand partnerships, and merch. They also cover ways they’ve diversified their income in their personal lives, share the difference between intentionally diversifying your income vs. diversifying out of necessity or falling prey to hustle culture, and offer tips for choosing which offers are a fit for your unique business. And as always, they dish out personal stories about the steps they’ve taken to figure out what works for them - including flying through the air for money and painting wieners on coffee mugs.

- 10 ways to diversify your income as a service provider to jumpstart your brainstorming

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Photo by Tillah Freckleton

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