Are you stuck thinking about colors, fonts, and tweaking that freakin’ logo of yours that you just can’t seem to get right? Sounds like you might need the tough love that’s in this episode. It’s so easy to get distracted by all of the little details that we think we must have when it comes to running a business - like dishing out a sh*t ton of money on a website you don’t need yet, spending hours contemplating the best shade of green for your YouTube banner, or searching for the most perfect, eco-friendly paper for your business cards. How everything looks isn’t the most important thing when it comes to your brand. Don’t get me wrong, these things can be fun and can definitely elevate your biz, but the stuff that matters - isn’t stuff at all. Your values, your mission, your voice, and your story are the driving force of your brand. This episode is designed to help you clarify your messaging and your mission, be unapologetically yourself as your business evolves, and confidently turn the right people on (and the wrong people off!).

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This episode of E-ficionado: The Podcast includes:

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- A discussion between Business Simplicity Coach, Delanie Fischer, and her Operations Manager, Kris Hillberg, about some early brand experiments that were total flops, why their priorities around branding have shifted throughout their careers, and how they integrate their personal values into their business and mission, leverage their story to define their brand, and continue to showcase their unique voice.

- 14 tips and takeaways for effectively refining a brand that represents your values, interests, and goals

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Cover art by Patrick Nicely

Photo by Tillah Freckleton

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