As I’m writing this it’s day number 30 (or 50? 107?) of living the self-quarantine life. Below are the ways I’ve been able to manage my own anxiety during this time of uncertainty, and hopefully some of these will help you manage yours. I’m definitely not doing every activity on this list perfectly every single day, but it’s nice to have some options to choose from when you’re in need of some TLC. You’ll notice most of these are indoor activities, since well, ya know…..also because I don’t have a backyard. 1. BATHS I’ve been bathin’ it up on the reg. Throw some essential oils in there, light a candle, play some music or a podcast, drink hot tea (or maybe whiskey eh?). Soaking in hot water really forces your body to calm the f*ck down long enough for your brain to follow suit.

2. BREATHING EXERCISES Wim Hof's breathing exercises on YouTube make the tightness in my chest broughto by a solid anxiety spiral disappear in a matter of minutes. His exercises are also proven to boost your immune system too, so may as well double down on your reps to stay well! Just a heads up, you might feel a bit high after doing these exercises, it’s really a win-win. 3. YOGA I will often start my day by watching Yoga With Adriene. I’m not flexible at all and usually don’t enjoy yoga classes in person because I feel so out of place, but Adriene doesn’t judge because she’s a nice person - and also cuz she can’t see me. It’s a very relaxing way to wake up, and my body feels strong and smooth like butta after hanging out virtually with her. 4. DANCING If you want to get a workout in while having an absolute blast, Keaira LaShae is your girl. I’ve been watching her videos in the afternoon to shake off some of that nervous energy (and tryin’ to get dat booty more plump let’s be real). 5. PAINTING Painting is my jam: canvas, furniture, an old beer bottle I turned into a vase, an easel I turned into a blanket rack, a fiancé I turned into a statue (jk he is safe...for now). Watching a lot of TV gets boring for me pretty quickly, so this is an activity that instantly improves my mood and makes me feel productive. 6. PROJECTS I’ve been getting around to a bunch of things I’d been putting off around the apartment. It feels SO GOOD to cross out things that have been on my to-do list for months. Assembling a shelf, starting spring cleaning a bit early, and getting a sexy new stainless steel trash can with a lid so my dog can no longer dumpster dive are just a few projects I’ve been able to tackle. If you’re in need of a project, I highly recommend starting a decluttering journey with The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo. 7. WALKS Walking daily and soaking up a little sun definitely helps maintain normalcy for me, and I love seeing my dog, Maverick, run around trying to play with squirrels like there’s no pandemic n’ sh*t. It can be a nice escape...unless you’re freaked out by seeing everyone in masks then I’d suggest heading back to bath and whiskey time. 8. VIDEO CALLS I feel even closer to my people since social distancing thanks to modern technology. Between long phone calls with family and virtual happy hours with friends, as much as I wish I could get some huggin’ in, I’m grateful that I feel pretty well-connected despite the physical distancing. I highly recommend reaching out to at least one person per day to check in! 9. MEDITATION There are so many guided meditations, calming music albums, and live streams of birds chirping n sh*t to listen to in an effort to slow down those oh so wonderful racing thoughts of ours. Even just a minute of stillness is better than nothing! 10. READING It took a pandemic to inspire me to do actual reading of physical books, even though I prefer audiobooks wayyyy more. It’s been quite enjoyable, now I just need a dusty lantern to carry around to match my new 1800s vibe. 11. COOKING I usually hate cooking with a fiery passion, but it’s been a good activity to break up all the TV watching. Amy’s, Sweet Earth, and Veestro frozen meals are what I’ve stocked up on for when I don’t feel like cooking. And pasta, lots of pasta. And ice cream. 12. NOTHING Although staying relatively busy most days makes me feel like I’m operating at my best, I’ve also been doing a whole lot of nothing too. If you’re a Type A perfectionist like me, it’s easy to convince ourselves that we need to have something to show after all of this has subsided - a new project, a completed to-do list, one rock hard ab - but we also need rest. So take a break, binge watch that show, stare at the mysterious brown spot on your ceiling. Make sure you squeeze nothing into your quarantine schedule. It’s important to remember in times of chaos that we do have some control by focusing on how we’re caring for our loved ones, our homes, and ourselves, but it’s also okay to relinquish that control and say, f*ck it I’m gonna watch 10 hours of Ozark and order 2 pizzas today.

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