Decision fatigue can be frustrating and draining, but there are many ways you can gain clarity and become more decisive when faced with important decisions as a business owner, entrepreneur, CEO, executive, and leader. This episode is designed to help you finally make a decision you’ve been struggling with, as well as prevent future decision fatigue.

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This episode of The E-ficionado Podcast includes:

- A worksheet with questions and exercises to help you gather your thoughts, get organized, and gain clarity here:

- A discussion between Business Simplicity Coach, Delanie Fischer, and her Operations Manager, Kris Hillberg, about their personal experiences with indecision and decision fatigue in their professional and personal lives - including what steps Delanie took that led to the decision to close a business and how Kris gained clarity regarding a big move to a different city, the root cause of their indecision, tips and tactics that help them prevent indecision and decision fatigue, and what steps help each of them get decisive when decision fatigue is at its peak

- 7 main tips and takeaways to help you get the information you need in order to make your next decision

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