How we feel about money greatly affects how we set up and operate our business. It impacts what we offer, how we offer it, and the amount we charge. You can have plenty of interest in your business - you might be getting a lot of clients and customers, maybe you’re being featured on many different platforms and publications, but if the amount of money you’re making doesn’t seem to be lining up with how long and hard you’re working, there’s a very good chance that your thoughts, beliefs, and mindset about all things money is getting in the way of you running your business with more ease and earning higher profits. This episode addresses how we feel about money and why, and offers practical tips and action steps for upgrading your mindset and your environment in order to support your goals. Women discussing money, setting financial goals, and earning what they’re worth needs to become the norm. Are you ready to stop letting your negative beliefs around money sabotage your growth?

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This episode of The E-ficionado Podcast includes:

- A worksheet with prompts and exercises to help you gather your thoughts around this topic, get organized, and craft your unique action steps can be found here:

- A discussion between Business Simplicity Coach, Delanie Fischer, and her Operations Manager, Kris Hillberg, about their old vs. new beliefs around work and money and how those beliefs have impacted their lives, how their mindset around money changed their business, and the practical steps, tricks, and hacks each of them have implemented to support a positive outlook about money as their careers evolve. They also cover topics like spending, saving, and the infamous D word - debt!

- 10 questions to ask yourself about your relationship with money

- 15 tips for leveling up your thoughts, beliefs, and mindset and taking inspired action

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Cover art by Patrick Nicely

Photo by Tillah Freckleton

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