Social media can be a powerful tool for your business - it can make you visible to people who may not have discovered you otherwise, it can support brand awareness, and it can strengthen the connection you have with your community. BUT, if social media is the priority in your business, and as a result, you’re not experiencing tangible results when it comes to your services and revenue, that’s when it can be detrimental to your growth. This episode addresses how to use social media effectively, set boundaries around it, and steps to leave it altogether if that’s something you’ve been considering. The discussion and exercises in this episode are designed to help you take stock of the current efficacy of social media in your business, ensure that you’re building and growing your business sustainably, and most of all - that you're enjoying the sh*t out of what you’re doing!

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This episode of The E-ficionado Podcast includes:

- A worksheet with prompts and exercises to help you gather your thoughts around this topic, get organized, and craft your unique action steps can be found here:

- A discussion between Business Simplicity Coach, Delanie Fischer, and her Operations Manager, Kris Hillberg, about how they use and have used social media for their businesses, what’s been most effective, and the guidelines they’ve given themselves around the platforms they use. Plus, steps to take in order to run a social media free biz.

- 12 questions to ask yourself about your social media usage

- 20 tips and tools for setting boundaries with social media to increase its effectiveness and preserve your energy

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Cover art by Patrick Nicely

Photo by Tillah Freckleton

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