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Start or Grow Your Podcast


Scale The Practice of Your Dreams (And Diversify)

Without Sacrificing Your Time or Values.



         Dream            Practice 



Diversify Your 
Create Aligned




Scale Your Income



 You've chosen the wonderfully unconventional and fulfilling path

of building your own practice, you're redefining your industry, 

and you are very ready for the next level of growth and refinement.


Your work isn't just a career, it's a calling


You've considered scaling your practice, writing a book, giving a Ted Talk, launching a course or group program, hosting retreats, speaking at events, guesting on podcasts (and/or launching your own), working with celebrity clientele, acquiring features in publications, establishing brand or affiliate partnerships and sponsorships, landing TV appearances...

(or perhaps you've already crossed a few of these off your list!) 

But how do you do it effectively? Which thing do you start with? And where will you

find the time when you have a thriving business full of clients who depend on you?

That's where I come in. 

(*cue T-Swift jam) "It's me, hi, I'm Delanie, it's me."


I leverage my 10+ years of experience, expertise, and connections in

entertainment, serial entrepreneurship, and professional content creation to

help you expand your revenue (and profitability), aligned visibility, and impact

authentically and sustainably while reclaiming your time.


So you can enjoy a business

that energizes you and fuels your life.

I know you didn't get into this field to be a brand strategist, digital marketer,

or PR Agent, so I happily take the business strategy and systems

off of your plate so you can focus on, ya know, changing lives.

Here's what I can support you with: 

Structuring and Scaling Your Ideal Private / Group Practice

Clarify and communicate your speciality, work with the people

you enjoy serving most, make the money you truly want, and

free up your time - all while staying true to your values. 

Diversifying Your Income Within & Beyond Your Practice

Add team members to your practice, launch virtual or in-person programs

and events, create products, and solidify affiliate, referral, and brand

partnerships, sponsorships, speaking engagements, and special appearances.


Creating and Landing Aligned Visibility 

Launch and optimize your preferred platform(s), grow your audience,

pitch to a variety of media outlets, invite notable guests to your space,

and nail your prep and performance for interviews and appearances.

Here's how we make it happen: 

+ Transformative Offerings 

+ Powerful Brand Messaging  

+ Mindful Marketing & Media

15 Things I've Helped My Clients Achieve

Using These 3 Key Areas of Focus:

1. Clarify and leverage their niche to fill their practice 

2. Train team members to increase efficacy and profitability

3. Land their first speaking engagements and media opportunities 

4. Refine current offers - increasing monthly recurring revenue


5. Finally drop the decision fatigue and launch new offers 

 6. Hit the Top Apple Podcast Charts (as early as episode 1!)

7. Acquire hundreds of 5 star podcast reviews in under a week 


8. Increase followers, subscribers, and engagement by 300%

9. Book TV appearances, magazine features, and podcasts consistently 

10. Prep for auditions, appearances, interviews, and keynotes 


11. 4x their annual revenue (and free up 50% of their time)

12. Establish and negotiate profitable partnerships & sponsorships 

13. Book celebrities, influencers, and public figures on their platforms

14. Sign high-profile clientele and high-ticket speaking engagements

15. Transition to a social media free business while scaling revenue  

Whether you want to work with me directly, hire me to advise your team,

or a hot mix of both, I offer short-term and long-term private support

tailored to your unique business needs and goals. 


Why Take A Minimalist Approach To Business?

When you're committed to scaling with simplicity you:

+ Reduce overhead and operating expenses

+ Generate consistent, high profit margins 

+ Have the capacity to execute new projects 

All while having the time freedom to prioritize your own self-care. 


Business Simplicity Consulting 

Private Support
6 Month Minimum


You want support with a complete business refinement. I work with you and your team to elevate every offer, strategy, and system based on your goals and values, so you can scale while reclaiming and protecting your time and energy.

 What's Included 

+ 6 Private Simplicity Sessions 

+ Voxer Support, Tues - Thurs

+ Personalized Deliverables

 Best-suited for established mental health professionals
who want an excellent 
and affordable alternative
to hiring a traditional full-time CMBD

Private Intensive
1 Month Intensive

You want accelerated results in a specific area. Projects include: Create A New Offer (group program, digital product, etc), Podcasting (launch or optimize your show), Brand Audit (elevate your positioning and messaging), or Visibility Plan (pitch + land media and collabs).   

What's Included 

         + 2 Private Simplicity Sessions 

         + 4 Weeks of Voxer Support

         + Personalized Deliverables


Best-suited for mental health professionals 
who want 
to complete 1 intentional project 
that will add value to their business. 

=The investment is adjusted seasonally based on 20% of the national average salary of a Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer. Long-term support is a 5-figure investment and short-term support is a 4-figure investment. Our current pricing will be shared with you during your complimentary session

Our Clients Are Awesome

"Delanie's my personal Yoda. She helped me restructure my business which resulted in more time at home with my kids and increased revenue. I landed my first TV appearance, high-ticket speaking engagement, and was featured in The Huffington Post. She's also helped me build, launch, and sell a digital product I'd been putting off for years and works directly with my assistant to optimize my platforms and materials. She teaches you how to run your business in such a simple way."

Justine Carino

 LMHC & Anxiety Treatment Expert

"By simplifying my offerings with Delanie's guidance, I no longer feel frazzled and I have a strong direction forward. My annual revenue is almost 4x more than what it was before I started working with Delanie, and I also got to work with one of my favorite actors and was featured in one of my favorite publications. Investing in help has enabled me to skyrocket."

Courtney Larsen

Founder & CEO, Spindles Design Co.

"I refined all of my processes, am way more confident connecting with potential clients, and landed my biggest client ever who paid me in 1 day what I used to make in a month at my full time job as a makeup artist. Delanie's process is simple, she's focused on your success, and it feels like you're working with your best friend. If you're amazing at your craft and ready to take your business to the next level, Delanie's worth every penny!"

Nika Geneva

Celebrity Makeup Artist

"I wasn't sure I'd get clients and I felt insecure sharing about what I do. Now,

I have consistent clients, am so comfortable sharing my work, and transitioning from therapy to coaching has allowed me to set my own hours, determine which clients I want to work with, and it's been so helpful for my own mental health. I feel not burnt out at all, before I felt burnt out all the time."

Lauren LaSalle

Licensed Therapist & HSP Coach

Apply Here

The first step is to book a free Business Solution Session where we'll discuss your goals,

address where you need supportand determine if we're an awesome fit to work together. 


"I can say with 10,000% certainty that I would have NEVER started a podcast if it weren't for Delanie. My podcast even hit #43 on the top parenting charts! She makes shit easy. The results just pile up, it's really amazing."

Keisha Tower 

Pregnancy & Postpartum Expert 


"I knew I had so much value to offer and I was bringing in clients, but I lacked a foundation. Having everything broken down into actionable steps has been a day and night difference. Within a month or two I gained back my entire investment."

Alyssa Kurtz 

Creator of The MMA + DBT Kurtz Method


Where Our Clients Have Been Featured


"Not only did I get my ROI from working with Delanie quickly, I filled my 1-1 service, doubled my following, hired an assistant, been featured on 10+ podcasts, tripled my podcast downloads, and was able to leave my day job! The day I left I received an email from Delanie cracking open a bottle of champagne saying, 'I'm so proud of you, you did it!' I am now living my dream."


Nicole Baker

Coach For Perfectionists 

"I now sign clients into my signature program, have structure for the content I share, and I feel more confident. I  appreciate Delanie's alternative strategies when mainstream methods haven't always felt like a great fit for me. Staying in this simplified method really was helpful. I was surprised at how quickly momentum just picked up."

Jess Demiel 

MFT Trainee & Somatic Intimacy Coach



"Am I too new to be your client?"

Delanie's unable to take anyone on who does not have clients via their practice yet. If you have a consistent client roster, you are likely a great fit for one of our services. You can book a complimentary session so we can discuss the logistics further. 

"How do you facilitate results for clients?"

Delanie provides both personalized strategy and done-for-you deliverables for you (and/or your team) so you can grow and maintain your business effectively, focus on the work you love doing most, and add value to your business and team without adding costly overhead - all while generating higher, repeatable profits and more time freedom for the rest of your career. This private support not only helps you increase your revenue, but saves you thousands on copywriting, digital marketing, and PR services so you can successfully keep more projects in-house. As a serial entrepreneur, professional content creator, and pitch expert, Delanie's able to audit and elevate your strategy and materials, assist you with pitches and negotiations, and prep you for important opportunities and appearances while prioritizing the goals of your business and lifestyle holistically.  


"What's the difference between hiring you vs. a business coach?"

A business coach does not touch your business, and Delanie does. There are many great business coaches out there that help with clarity, confidence, and strategy but you / your team must implement the task(s) and project(s) yourself, or pay additional contractors to do them for you. Delanie provides the same support as a business coach, in addition to hands-on implementation - creating key, high-converting materials for her clients that result in increased revenue, visibility, engagement, and aligned audience growth.

"What's the difference between hiring you vs. a business consultant who works with a variety of industries?"

Delanie solves the same industry-specific problems over and over again, which has enabled her to help clients with highly effective solutions to fast-track their success. Working in the mental health space for many years via co-hosting Self-Helpless (a chart-topping mental health podcast that has garnered millions of downloads and features industry giants + celebrity guests), as well as supporting mental health professionals via The Minimalist Business Consultancy, has resulted in the majority of our network consisting of clinicians and the service providers who help them. This gives our clients access to high-touch intros and niche referrals that expand their intentional network and elevate their business. Our company also attracts exclusive visibility opportunities for our clients as the media recognizes this space as a hub of ideal thought leaders to feature in their publications and on their platforms. 

"What approach do you take to growing a business?"

Delanie focuses on simple and evergreen offers, strategies, and systems that prioritize quality, profitability, enjoyment, and longevity. She doesn't train her clients and their teams on algorithms or tactics that might be obsolete next month. She instead equips them with the knowledge, skillset, and materials that are applicable to any model or medium of their choice, so they can easily shift as the market and trends change, Together, they build upon a crisis-proof foundation with organic traffic and growth (how much clients decide to spend on paid traffic, if any, is completely up to them). Her approach is grounded, intentional, and sustainable. Basically, opposite of the get-rich-quick schemes that are far too prevalent on the gram these days. 

"Do you have experience working with public figures?"

Yes, Delanie has worked with public figures, TV networks, and multi-million dollar brands. Your privacy is always respected. She's happy to sign your NDA and be one of your secret weapons behind the scenes.

"Can I find out about a specific result I don't see listed?"

Yes! We have an archive full of testimonials from our clients and are happy to share additional  testimonials that relate to your business. You can schedule a complimentary session so we can discuss what kind of goals and results you're most excited about. 

"Can I work with you even if I'm not in the mental health space?"

Although Delanie specializes in supporting licensed mental health professionals, she does make the occasional exception (consultants, coaches, and practitioners in the health and wellness or personal growth space are usually the exception). You can book a complimentary session to determine if your business and goals  align with Delanie's expertise.  

"What's your background?"

Before working with mental health professionals and co-hosting Self-Helpless (a chart-topping mental health podcast with millions of downloads featuring a variety of celebrities and industry experts), Delanie was a working comedian, writer, and producer. After massive burnout and the desire to be her own boss, she launched a tasteful penis cartoon business (pretty nuts, pun intended!) so she could work from home, create her own schedule, and do something she enjoyed. This successful career pivot resulted in her mentoring a variety of business owners who were drawn to her unconventional strategies, which sparked a passion for helping mental health professionals scale minimalist businesses so they could expand their impact sustainably and prioritize their own self-care. Delanie loves leveraging her 10+ years of experience and expertise in both entertainment and entrepreneurship to amplify the impact of people who are making such a significant contribution to the collective. Her work's been featured in NBC, Lifetime, FOX, Bustle, Renewed Awareness Magazine, The book "Perf," Entrepreneur, Hulu, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, and VH1.


More details about Delanie's career can be found here

"How much is the investment?"

Due to her own minimalist business model, Delanie's thrilled to be able to provide her clients with an incredible alternative to hiring a traditional Chief Marketing & Business Development Officer at 20% of the national average salary. The investment for our services is adjusted seasonally (long-term support is a 5 figure investment and short-term support is a 4 figure investment). Our current pricing will be shared with you during your complimentary session

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