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Delanie Fischer

Delanie Fischer is the host of the top-rated podcast, Self-Helpless, comedy writer, vegan lady, and activist who has been featured on NBC, FOX, Lifetime, Netflix, Hulu, CNBC, Fuse, Vh1, Entrepreneur, PopSugar, Podcast Magazine, theSkimm, and Bustle.


Delanie hosts the hit comedy, self-help podcast, Self-Helpless, which has garnered millions of downloads, has been featured on Conan and The Tonight show, and includes conversations with authors, activists, health professionals, a variety of public figures, and subscribers who courageously share their stories. Past guests include Tan France, Whitney Cummings, Michael Buble’, Pete Holmes, Dr. Ramani, Ed Winters, Gad Elmaleh, Kati Morton, Preacher Lawson, Brian Regan, Jessamyn Stanley, Mike Birbiglia, Freddie Prinze Jr., Rachel Ricketts, Nikki Glaser, Sonya Renee Taylor, and lots more wonderful people who drop by the show. 


Delanie's background's in entertainment as a working comedian, writer, and producer. She performed at clubs, colleges, theatres, and festivals for several years, is a graduate of The Second City Conservatory and UCB, and her bits amassed millions of views across social media. She's been featured on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly, Fuse's Stand Up And Deliver, FOX's Laughs and Punchline, Vh1's Walk of Shame Shuttle, Lifetime's Prank My Mom, and co-wrote and acted in the wonderfully absurd Lifetime movie, Bad Tutor. Delanie co-produced one of the most popular indie comedy shows in the Los Angeles area, The Nine Drink Minimum — a casual BYOB event held in a variety of alternative venues featuring some of the biggest names in comedy (getting to watch Tiffany Haddish perform in Delanie's mother's living room was definitely a highlight for Nine Drink fans). Along with landing walk-on roles in various films, including her one-liner as a sailor in Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark, which remains the highlight of her career, she co-created an award-winning web series, Two Inches Apart, and as her farewell to stand-up, she wrote, produced, and starred in the docu-comedy special, Love at First Cousin


Major entertainment industry burnout, and the desire to pivot, resulted in her launching a penis art business where she "dickified" her customers (pretty nuts, pun intended), enabling her to settle into stay-at-home comedianhood. She scaled this business with a team of cartoonists, and they had the pleasure of "dickifying" several celebrities including Conan (AKA Conads O'Brien because of course every piece of art had an epic title). The popularity of this tasteful gag gift business resulted in Delanie helping other artists and small businesses increase their revenue and visibility with unconventional branding, marketing, and media tactics. Her thoughts on entrepreneurship have been featured in Renewed Awareness Magazine, the book, Perf, and she's been a panelist at UCSB's media conference, Cathy Heller's Dreamtopia, and The All Things Comedy Festival. 

As an activist who's adopted a minimalist, vegan, and DINK lifestyle, Delanie’s perspective on eco-conscious living has been described as "funny, approachable, and non-judgmental." She enjoys debunking stereotypes and myths surrounding these topics, with an emphasis on imperfect, fun, and doable action and contribution (although it is kinda a dream of hers to live off-grid and grow her own tomatoes and have chipmunks as friends). Delanie recently joined forces with one of the largest non-profits in the world where she contributes to celebrity print and video campaigns that positively impact animals, the environment, and collective human health. 


Despite her "influencer" status, Delanie permanently deleted all of her social media a few years back to declutter her mind, and instead enjoys connecting via her podcast and email list. Thousands of people have joined Delanie's email list for notifications about new podcast episodes, cool media and gig opportunities, and other resources that support multi-hyphenates. 

Most importantly, Delanie's an avid Tenacious D fan, spends most of her life in a hot bath, loves a thrifted sundress, creates upcycled art, eats many a burrito, and enjoys a rock solid cup of tea. She lives in California with her husband and their rescued dogs, Maverick and Goose. 

Upcoming projects:
Delanie recently secured her first publishing deal — this delicious, punny card deck will be available winter of 2024. 



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