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About Delanie

As a creative with an insatiable desire to make new things, Delanie Fischer has no clue where she'll be in five years, and she kinda likes it that way. Her career has taken her everywhere from performing on TV, selling a screenplay, and penis artistry to podcasting with her biggest idols, consulting for a hit kid's TV show, and watching Tiffany Haddish do stand up in her mother's living room. 


Delanie is a professional podcaster, social media free entrepreneur, and environmentalist who has been featured on NBC, FOX, Lifetime, Netflix, Hulu, CNBC, Fuse, Vh1, Entrepreneur, PopSugar, Podcast Magazine, theSkimm, and Bustle. 


Fischer has 2 chart-topping podcasts, Career Crush (now a private, ad-free show available via her email list for free), and she co-hosts the hit comedy, self-help podcast, Self-Helpless, which has garnered millions of downloads and features renowned health professionals and celebrity guests like Tan France, Michael Buble’, and Whitney Cummings. Self-Helpless calls Lemonada Media home alongside Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sarah Silverman, Meghan Trainor, and other influential artists, experts, and activists. 


Delanie's background's in entertainment as a working comedian, writer, and producer where she performed on late night, wrote a Lifetime movie, and produced award-winning content and packed live events. Major burnout, and the desire to change career paths, resulted in her launching a penis art business (pretty nuts, pun intended), which enabled her to transition into her ideal lifestyle of stay-at-home comedianhood. The popularity of this luxe gag gift business led to the birth of her consultancy, where she helped artists, entrepreneurs, and small businesses increase their revenue, visibility, and efficacy via unconventional branding, marketing, and media support. Delanie's since niched to podcast consulting as she's extremely passionate about the power of this medium in all areas of personal and professional growth. 

As someone who's adopted a minimalist, vegan, and child-free lifestyle, Delanie’s perspective on environmentally-conscious living has been featured across a variety of media outlets with her approach to these topics described as "funny, approachable, and non-judgmental." She enjoys debunking stereotypes and myths surrounding these choices, with an emphasis on imperfect, fun, and doable action and contribution (although it is kinda a dream of hers to live off-grid and grow her own tomatoes and have chipmunks as friends). Fischer recently joined forces with one of the largest non-profits in the world where she contributes to viral celebrity campaigns that save animals, preserve the environment, and improve collective human health. 


Despite her "influencer" status, Delanie permanently deleted all of her social media a few years back to declutter her mind, and instead reaches 100k+ people monthly via her podcasts and email list. Thousands of likeminded people have joined Delanie's free global community for instant access to her private podcast about mindfulness and creativity in work and life, notifications about cool media and career opportunities, and invitations to special virtual events. 

Most importantly, Delanie's an avid Tenacious D fan, spends most of her life in a hot bath, loves a thrifted sundress, creates upcycled art, eats many a burrito, and enjoys a rock solid cup of tea. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their rescue dogs, Maverick and Goose.


Fun? Facts

Delanie here, since my 'gram is no longer creepable, here are some things.

My dad's an identical twin so my cousins are also my half-siblings (WTF does this freak anyone else out).

~ I was a collegiate rower for 1 year (Go Gauchos!) but had to quit cuz it was so intense that I kept falling asleep in class.

~ I've met my biggest celebrity crush, Jack Black, 3 times (I promise I'm not a stalker, 'twas simply fate LOL).

~ My mom and I went to the same elementary school and we had the exact same 1st grade teacher, let that sink in...

~ Past jobscamp counselor, teleprompter operator, Trader Joe's, executive assistant, studio tour guide, nanny, tutor,

and the occasional gig as a yoga mat model (the crew wasn't stoked upon learning I have the flexibility of a celery stick).


~ My grandpa was born in Dublin, Ireland (where I  honeymooned!) and my grandma was born in Perth, Australia. 

~ I had a potbellied pig named Arthur when I was in my 20s and he was a big inspiration for me to try the whole vegan thang (sadly it was because he had eaten a piece of cooked bacon on the kitchen floor, that'll mess anyone up).

~ I graduated from UC Santa Barbara in Religious Studies (South Asian & Near Eastern traditions) and planned on continuing my education to become a professor, but then...I fell in love with this absolute a-hole named comedy.

~ I got really sick at 15, had to withdraw from high school, and opted in for independent study until I graduated. As devastated as I was at the time, it taught me the invaluable lesson that there's more than one path to any destination. 


~ I played basketball (shooting guard / forward) and was on drumline (cymbals / snare) in middle and high school. 

~ I was voted most likely to become a professional volleyball player in my middle school year book. To this day, I've never played volleyball. I think they confused me with someone else which speaks to my massive tween popularity. 

~ I coached a basketball team of 7-9 year-old boys who were not super stoked to have a lady coach. As the only female coach in the league, we went undefeated and won the championship. That win felt better than any I had as a player. 

~ Yes, it's me in that viral Instagram meme about drinking a liter of pineapple juice and no I had nothing to do with it. 


Screen Shot 2023-05-22 at 7.14.55 PM.png


As a stand-up comedian and improviser, Delanie performed at clubs, colleges, theatres, and festivals nationally and internationally for over 6 years, is a graduate of The Upright Citizens Brigade and The Second City Conservatory, and her bits amassed millions of views across social media. She's been featured on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly, Fuse's Stand Up And Deliver, FOX's Laughs and Punchline, Vh1's Walk of Shame Shuttle, Lifetime's Prank My Mom, and co-wrote and acted in the wonderfully ridiculous Lifetime movie, Bad Tutor. Fischer also co-produced and co-hosted one of the most popular indie comedy shows in the Los Angeles area called The Nine Drink Minimum - a casual BYOB event held in a variety of alternative venues featuring some of the biggest names in comedy. Getting to watch Tiffany Haddish perform in Delanie's mother's living room was definitely a highlight for Nine Drink fans. Along with landing walk-on roles in various films (including her one-liner as a sailor in Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark which remains the highlight of her career), she co-created and co-starred in an award-winning web series, Two Inches Apart, and as her farewell to stand-up, she executive produced the docu-comedy special, Love at First Cousin


Delanie co-hosts the hit comedy, self-help podcast, Self-Helpless, that she co-created with her friends and comedians Kelsey Cook and Taylor Tomlinson. Self-Helpless has garnered millions of downloads, thousands of iTunes reviews, frequents the top Apple comedy charts, and special guests include renowned health experts and celebrities like Tan France, Michael Buble,' and Whitney Cummings. Self-Helpless has landed two network deals since its inception and has been featured on Conan, The Tonight Show, Popsugar, theSkimm, The Stand-Up Magazine. and Podcast Magazine. Fischer also hosts Career Crush, a podcast about mindfulness and creativity in work and life, which hit the top Apple entrepreneur charts as early as episode 1 - where it remained throughout its entire run as a public show. Career Crush is now a private, ad-free podcast available via Delanie's email list for free. 


Delanie's interest in penis artistry began at a white elephant gift exchange at a comedians' holiday party. Obviously, she decided to sharpie some penises on a coffee mug to bring as the random gift. The mug was a hit, and she started getting commissions to turn her friends, characters, and celebrities into penis caricatures that she hand-painted on coffee mugs. Each piece of art also had a killer pun - Dong Swanson, Kim Karshaftian, Strawberry Shortcock (just to name a few). This led to the official launch of Dicks by Delanie where she dickified her customers. Delanie scaled the business by transitioning from physical products to digital products with a talented team of cartoonists. Delanie's customers would use their digital dickartoons on totes, hats, clothing, mugs, pillows, cakes, dishware, invitations, etc. for unique gifts and memorable party favors. Dicks by Delanie was featured on Voyage LA, Bertcast, and Controlled Chaos, and her team had the pleasure of dickifying several celebrities and public figures. Conan (Conads O'Brien) was even gifted a dick mug! What more could a girl want? As Delanie's consultancy grew, she decided to close DBD to avoid the burnout of running two demanding businesses at once, but often jokes that Dicks by Delanie will be reserected one day as her retirement plan. 








Consulting & Speaking 

As a creative consultant, Delanie's helped over 100 private clients across a dozen industries 4x their annual revenue, hit the top podcast charts, book TV and media, grow their following and increase engagement by 300+%, sign celebrity clientele, land speaking engagements, pitch and negotiate partnerships and sponsorships, navigate career pivots, launch new products and services - all with an emphases on simplicity and prioritizing self-care. Delanie was a speaker at UC Santa Barbara's media conference, a panelist at Cathy Heller's live Dreamtopia event, and has guested on countless podcasts sharing how she integrates her values and entrepreneurship. Her collective work has been featured in Renewed Awareness Magazine, the book, Perf, Voyage LA, Authority Magazine, and Thrive Global

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