Here are some of my favorite discussion topics: 


  • Efficiency in Wellness and Business 

  • Minimalism, Simplicity, Conscious Consumption 

  • Decluttering Your Home and Schedule 

  • Intentional Living and Gaining Clarity 

  • Entrepreneurship and Doing Sh*t Your Way

  • Vegan and Eco-Friendly Living

  • Restricting and Leaving Social Media 

  • Service-Based and Product-Based Business

  • Podcasting and The Self-Helpless Podcast

  • Launching my First Business Dicks by Delanie

I'm available for podcasts, interviews, speaking engagements,

and maybe even a house party or two.


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  • Starting and Growing a Coaching Business 

  • Pivoting Careers and Leaving Stand-Up Comedy

  • How To Turn Your Hobby Into Monayyy

  • Mindset and Unraveling Limiting Beliefs 

  • Figuring Out WTF You Actually Want 

  • Healthy Relationships and Setting Boundaries 

  • Handling Critics, Trolls, and A-Holes 

  • Managing Perfectionism and Compulsive Working 

  • How to Free Up Time, Energy, and Money 

  • Living Childfree By Choice 

Oh Heyyy



I co-host the comedic self-improvement podcast, Self-Helpless - a top charting show with millions of downloads. Past guests include: Michael Buble,’ Tan France, Whitney Cummings, and a bunch of incredible mental health, wellness, and personal growth professionals. Self-Helpless has been featured on Conan, Popsugar, and The Stand-Up Magazine. I also host a solo podcast called E-ficionado - all about how to make life and business efficient AF. E-ficionado has been frequenting the top Entrepreneur charts since episode 1!


I performed at clubs, colleges, theatres, and festivals nationally and internationally for 6 years, and was  featured on NBC’s Last Call with Carson Daly, Fuse’s Stand Up And Deliver, FOX’s Laughs and Punchline, and I co-wrote and appeared in Lifetime’s Bad Tutor (did that one for my mom). As my farewell to stand-

up comedy, I executive produced the docu-comedy special, Love at First Cousin


During the run of my first business, a humorous custom art biz called Dicks by Delanie, it was featured on Voyage LABertcast, Controlled Chaos with Josh Wolf, and my team and I had the pleasure of dickifying many celebs and public figures - Conan was even gifted a dick mug! What more could a girl want in life?



My clients have been featured on Oprah, The New York Times Best Seller List, The View, Conan, The Tonight Show, Comedy Central, Getting Doug with High, Zola, Wedding Chicks, and they've collaborated with beasts like The Chicago White Sox, Airbnb, and Universal Music Group. They've also pivoted careers, doubled their income, tripled their audience, hit the top iTunes charts, booked leading roles, launched passion projects, and have been told that they're changing lives (no big deal). 


What’s up! I’m Delanie - Simplicity Coach to entrepreneurs, co-host of the top-charting podcast with millions of downloads called Self-Helpless, and lover of efficiency.

My passion for conscious consumption, running sh*t like a well-oiled machine, and my former life as a

stand-up comedian, greatly influence my coaching approach. I help people start, scale, and simplify their businesses and passion projects with a focus on freeing up time, leveraging one's unique skill set and interests, and working with intention. I offer no BS guidance to my clients. I'm not afraid to open up and share my personal experiences, failures, and strategies in order to fast-track their success. 

My first leap into entrepreneurship was launching a business called Dicks by Delanie, where I turned

people into penis cartoons that I put on coffee mugs (I know, pretty nuts - pun intended). In less than a

year, I was able to leave my soul-crushing corporate day job to run my d*ck biz full-time. This led to artists and entrepreneurs asking for my help making their dream jobs a reality, and bringing their ideas to fruition. 

I've built a career I love without: complicated systems, a huge social media following or email list, paid

ads, prior business or marketing experience, and I am NOT tech savvy. If you have an idea for a project

but don't know where the f*ck to start, or you want to turn your hobby into a business but are overwhelmed

by the pressure of creating daily content for alllll the platforms, or maybe you've been in business a while

but have hit a plateau and you're feeling burnt out and indecisive - you have landed in the right place. 

You don't have to do things the way everyone else does them. You can take an approach that feels fun and simple for you. If I was able to sell d*ck pics for a living, you can do anything. 

In my free time you might find me spooning my rescue dog Maverick, rockin’ out to Tenacious D, being way too excited about a thrift store sundress, sippin' hot chai tea on a patio, and taking walks with my wonderful life partner, Cam, who I enjoy making fun of for playing Fortnite with 13 year-olds. 

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