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About Delanie

Delanie Fischer is a professional podcaster, serial entrepreneur, environmentalist, and former stand-up comedian recently known for permanently deleting all of her social media despite her influencer status.


Delanie's the co-creator and co-host of the hit comedic, personal growth podcast, Self-Helpless, which frequents the top charts, has garnered millions of downloads, and features celebrity guests like Tan France, Michael Buble’, and Whitney Cummings - as well as industry experts like Dr. Ramani, Michaela Boehm, and Jessamyn Stanley, she's a creative consultant to wonderfully unconventional individuals and brands across the globe ranging from startups to household names, and her background's in entertainment as a working comedian, writer, and producer. As someone who has adopted a minimalist, vegan, and child-free lifestyle, Delanie’s also sought after for her thoughts on environmentally-conscious living, and especially enjoys debunking the stereotypes and myths surrounding these practices, with an emphasis on imperfect, fun, delicious, and doable action and contribution.


Fed up with massive performer burnout in her late 20s after touring nationally and internationally across clubs, colleges, theaters, and festivals for almost 7 years, Fischer was determined to become her own boss. She launched a tasteful, yet hilarious penis art business (pretty nuts, pun intended!) called Dicks by Delanie where she’d “dickify” her customers. She quickly scaled this business from a physical product (hand-painted penis portraits on coffee mugs) to a digital product business with a talented team of cartoonists. DBD customers enjoyed using their custom dickartoons on totes, cards, pillows, books, cakes, dish ware, and clothing for unique gifts and memorable party favors. Conan himself was even gifted a dick mug! This strange, successful pivot to stay-at-home comedian life resulted in Delanie mentoring artists and entrepreneurs who were drawn to her unconventional business and marketing strategies. 

Delanie's since helped hundreds of clients hit the top podcast charts, achieve significant audience growth, book TV and media, leave their day jobs to run their businesses full-time, successfully negotiate raises and navigate career pivots, and massively increase their income. Most importantly, her clients report feeling more grounded, energized, fulfilled, empowered, and enjoy more spaciousness and creativity in their lives.

Delanie’s work in entertainment, entrepreneurship, and environmentalism has been featured across hundreds of TV shows, films, web series, podcasts, live events, and publications including NBC, FOX, Lifetime, Netflix, CNBC, Vh1, Entrepreneur, PopSugar, Authority Magazine, Stand Up Magazine, Thrive Global, Podcast Magazine, the book "Perf," and Bustle. 

Delanie's an avid Tenacious D fan, spends most of her life in a hot bath, loves a thrifted sundress find, eats many a burrito, and enjoys a rock solid cup of tea. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her hot ass husband, Cam, and their rescue dogs, Maverick & Goose. 


Interview Topics

Delanie's Most Popular Speaking Topics  

+ 4 Steps To Running A Social Media Free Business (yes, it's totally possible!)

+ Debunking Minimalism Myths: Boring, Restrictive, Self-Deprivation & Other BS

+ 3 Ways To Simplify Your Business For More Peace, Profit, and Play 

+ Minimalist Marketing: How To Ditch Platforms and Methods You Hate For Good 

+ Professional Podcasting: How To Start, Grow, Monetize, and Leverage Your Show

+ From Hating Vegans To Becoming One: How It Transformed My Health & Business

+ Potent Branding: Refining Your Messaging & Positioning For New Opportunities

+ Tired of Getting Ghosted? 5 Must-Have Elements To Nail Your Outreach & Pitches


+ Unconventional Living: Choosing To Be Minimalist, Vegan, and Child-Free

+ Too Many Ideas? Figuring Out What The F*ck You Actually Want To Do Next 

+ Pivoting: Leverage Your Experience & Reinvent Yourself To Catapult Your Career 



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Delanie performed at clubs, colleges, theatres, and festivals nationally and internationally for over 6 years, and was featured on NBC's Last Call with Carson Daly, Fuse's Stand Up And Deliver, FOX's Laughs and Punchline, and she co-wrote and appeared in Lifetime’s Bad Tutor. Fischer also co-produced and co-hosted one of the most popular indie comedy shows in the Los Angeles area called The Nine Drink Minimum - a casual BYOB event held in a variety of alternative venues featuring some of the biggest names in comedy. Getting to watch Tiffany Haddish perform in Delanie's mother's living room was definitely a highlight for Nine Drink Minimum fans. Along with landing walk-on roles in various films, she co-created and co-starred in an award-winning web series, Two Inches Apart, and as her farewell to stand-up comedy, she executive produced the docu-comedy special, Love at First Cousin


Delanie co-hosts the hit comedic personal growth podcast, Self-Helpless, that she co-created with her friends and comedians Kelsey Cook and Taylor Tomlinson. Self-Helpless has garnered millions of downloads, frequents the top charts, and special guests include a variety of celebrities like Tan France, Michael Buble,' and Whitney Cummings - as well as industry leaders in health and wellness and "Helpsters" (what their subscribers call themselves). Self-Helpless has been featured on Conan, The Tonight Show, Popsugar, and The Stand-Up Magazine. Fischer also hosts a podcast, designed for people who desire unconventional careers, called Career Crush, which hit the top Entrepreneur charts as early as episode 1 - where it remained throughout its entire run as a public podcast. Delanie has since transformed Career Crush into a private podcast available for free at 


Delanie's strange hobby was birthed due to a happy accident during a white elephant gift exchange at a comedians' holiday party. Obviously, she decided to sharpie some penises on a coffee mug to bring as the random gift. The mug was a hit, and she started getting commissions to turn her loved ones, characters, and celebrities into penis caricatures that she hand-painted on coffee mugs. Each piece of art had a killer pun - Dong Swanson, Kim Karshaftian, Strawberry Shortcock (just to name a few). She made these for some fun side cash for about 3 years before launching Dicks by Delanie as a "real" business where she then dickified her customers. Due to the high demand for dickartoons, Delanie quickly scaled from a physical product business to a digital product business with a talented team of cartoonists. Delanie's customers would use their hilarious, custom digital art on totes, shirts, mugs, pillows, cakes, invitations, etc. for unique gifts and memorable party favors. Dicks by Delanie was featured on Voyage LA, Bertcast, and Controlled Chaos, and her team had the pleasure of dickifying several celebrities and public figures. Conan (Conads O'Brien) was even gifted a dick mug! What more could a girl want? As Delanie's consultancy grew, she decided to close DBD to avoid the burnout of running two demanding businesses at the same time, but often jokes that Dicks by Delanie will be reserected one day as her retirement plan. 

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