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I’m a Business Simplicity Coach to independent contractors, service-based business owners, and CEOs. WTF is a Simplicity Coach? It's like if a business consultant, mindset coach, and minimalist had a very helpful baby (who probably swears too much). I'm also a professional podcaster, I co-host a top charting comedic personal growth show with millions of downloads, Self-Helpless, and recently launched a new podcast for service providers called E-ficionado that has been frequenting the top entrepreneur charts since episode 1. 


My passion for conscious consumption, running sh*t like a well-oiled machine, and my former life as a stand-up comedian, greatly influence the way I coach. I help high-performing service providers across dozens of industries restructure, refine, and grow their businesses and passion projects by utilizing minimalism, so they can have a business that fuels their life - not sucks the life out of them. We focus on removing excess, freeing up time, prioritizing enjoyment and quality over quantity, leveraging and incorporating their unique background, skill set, and interests, growing with purpose - and of course all the other logistics involved with maintaining and scaling a highly profitable biz. I'm big on helping my clients establish organic, unique, and evergreen marketing strategies, creative branding, and providing structure and accountability for the tasks that actually move their business forward (it's easy to get caught in the social media facade trap). I offer them no BS guidance. I’m not afraid to open up and share my personal experiences, failures, and unconventional strategies in order to fast-track their success and ensure that their business can thrive in any environment. 


After 7 years in the entertainment industry and the worst bout of career burnout and shiny object syndrome

I had experienced (plus a lifetime of perfectionism, overachieving, and compulsive working), I was compelled to drop the many tasks that were draining me. I guess being involved in 6ish different things on top of a full-time job will do that to ya! Although I had experience with many entrepreneurial projects and side hustles within entertainment, my first attempt at launching a business that would allow me the creative control and freedom I had been seeking, was called Dicks by Delanie, a humorous custom art business where we turned our customers into penis cartoons (I know, pretty nuts - pun intended).


In less than a year, I was able to leave my soul-crushing corporate day job to run my d*ck biz full-time.

None of that would have been possible if I hadn't redistributed all the time and energy I was spending 

across 6 different avenues, and instead, poured all of that into one, intentional plan. That's when I first fell

in love with simplicity and minimalism as a business strategy, and my passion has only grown (big time) since. As I scaled Dicks by Delanieartists, entrepreneurs, and performers started asking for my help with making their dream jobs a reality, and bringing their ideas to fruition, which led me to what I do now. 


I built a career that I love, without: complicated systems, an enormous social media following or email list, paid ads, prior business or marketing experience, and I am NOT tech savvy. If you have an idea for a project or business but don’t know where the heck to start, or you want to go full time with your side hustle but you're concerned it's not possible to generate enough revenue to do so (plus you’re already exhausted by the thought of creating daily content for allll the platforms), or maybe you’ve been in business a while but have hit a plateau and you’re feeling burnt out, overwhelmed, and indecisive - you've landed in the right place.


You don’t have to do things the way everyone else does them. You can take an approach that feels fun and simple for you. If I was able to sell d*ck pics for a living, you can do anything.

In my free time, you might find me spooning my rescue dog Maverick, rockin' out to Tenacious D, being way too excited about a thrift store sundress, sipping hot chai tea on a patio, and taking walks with my husband, Cam, who I enjoy making fun of for playing Fortnite with 13 year-olds. 


Want more info about my background? Well, that’s sweet! You can find it here

2020 - STRIP BG - L

Personalized 1-1 Business Simplicity Coaching

for high-performing service providers. 


Although the program is currently full,

interviews are being held for upcoming spots. 




I accomplished more in 2 months working with Delanie than I did in 2 years working alone, and I made my investment back ten-fold in a matter of weeks! I have a booked calendar with ideal clients, and I would not have made it this far without Delanie. She is changing lives. 

Tillah Freckleton

Milestone Photographer


Gregory Behrendt

New York Times Bestselling Author 


I was finding it difficult to know how to go about moving forward in my business. Since working with Delanie, I know exactly where to focus my energy, and it’s been easy and fun. She breaks everything down into simple pieces, she’s enthusiastic, and is just the greatest.

Delanie has changed my life. She’s helped me reverse engineer my goals, given practical action steps and accountability, and she is no bullshit. She will light a fire under your ass and instill the confidence in you to go for it. I’m getting callbacks, modeling gigs, booking leading roles, and getting interviewed for papers. Working with Delanie is like therapy for your career.

Deserea Noriega

Leading Actress and Writer


I can say with 10,000% certainty that I would have NEVER started a podcast if it weren't for Delanie. My podcast even hit #43 on the top parenting charts! I’ve also obtained my Pregnancy and Postpartum Athleticism certification, host workshops, and opened my own gym!


Keisha Tower

Owner, CrossFit Golden Warrior

I was so scared to invest because I hadn’t seen a significant ROI from past ventures. I got my return on investment from Delanie’s program within 1 WEEK of working with her. I’ve since doubled my following, hired an assistant, been featured on 10+ podcasts, tripled my podcast downloads, am steadily booking clients, and my confidence has skyrocketed. I was also able to leave my day job!!! The best part, Delanie makes it easy.


Nicole Baker

Life Coach

Since working with Delanie, my wedding invitation sales have increased, I’ve booked multiple mural projects, hired on a chalkboard artist and virtual assistant, and am getting larger art commissions! AND I’ve more than doubled my income! 

Courtney Larsen

CEO, Spindles Design Co.


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Apply for a 15 minute comped Business Solution call so we can discuss your goals, obstacles you may be experiencing, and determine if this partnership is a mutual fit. This program is for service providers who have been in business 3+ years (some exceptions made). You'll be offered guidance and practical

action steps even if I'm unable to take you on as a client. 

Space for these calls is limited to 1 per week

and filled on a first come, first served basis.









2020 - STRIP BG - L



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