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About the Founder


What's up! I'm Delanie. Founder & CEO of The Minimalist Business Consultancy, co-host of the chart-topping mental health podcast with millions of downloads, Self-Helpless, and "influencer" turned social media free entrepreneur. My background's in entertainment as a working comedian, writer, and producer - when I got burnt out with that lifestyle, I launched a tasteful penis cartoon business (pretty nuts, pun intended!) so I could work from home, create my own schedule, and do something I enjoyed. This successful pivot led to mentoring entrepreneurs who were drawn to my unconventional tactics. Years of consulting for a variety of industries sparked a passion for helping mental health professionals scale minimalist businesses so they can reclaim their time, increase profitability, and prioritize their own self-care. I currently live in Los Angeles with my hot ass husband, Cam, and our rescue dogs, Maverick & Goose.


The Minimalist Business Consultancy helps licensed mental health professionals scale their business authentically and sustainably, so they not only increase their impact and profit, but create the time freedom to truly enjoy their success - including plenty of down time for their own self-care, which can be hard to prioritize with traditional business models. We provide our clients with a high-touch experience from start to finish, and we specialize in premium service offerings, unconventional marketing, generating organic traffic, and simple, scalable systems. Whether you're signing your first clients, or you've been running your business for years, we're happy to provide a resource or service to support you with your dream career. 

What is a Minimalist Business?

An enterprise that prioritizes quality, profitability, and simplicity in every aspect as it

scales (vs. prioritizes expansion at any cost), resulting in ample time freedom with the profits 

of a large corporation. It's a company that provides premium products and services, delivers

potent, high-value marketing, and has effective systems and an intentional team.

The outcome - clients are thrilled, reputation is excellent, and profit margins remain high. 

Here's just 1 example of how a Minimalist Business might operate. 

Our Mission

Other Business


Annual Revenue $1 Million

Size of Team: 10

Expenses $900k 

Owner's Take Home


Minimalist Business 

Annual Revenue $150k

Size of Team: 2

Expenses $50k 

Owner's Take Home


Other Business  


Minimalist Business

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