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About Delanie

Delanie Fischer is a professional podcaster, serial entrepreneur, environmentalist, and former stand-up comedian recently known for permanently deleting all of her social media despite her influencer status.


Delanie has 2 chart-topping podcasts, Career Crush (which is now a private, ad-free show available via her email list for free), and she's the co-host of the hit comedy, self-help podcast, Self-Helpless, which has garnered millions of downloads and features renowned health experts, as well as celebrity guests like Tan France, Michael Buble’, and Whitney Cummings.


Delanie's background is in entertainment as a working comedian, writer, and producer. Fed up with massive burnout in her late 20s after performing nationally and internationally across clubs, colleges, theaters, and festivals for almost 7 years, Fischer was determined to become her own boss. She launched a tasteful, yet hilarious, penis art business (pretty nuts, pun intended!) called Dicks by Delanie where she’d “dickify” her customers. She scaled this business from a physical product (hand-painted penis portraits on coffee mugs) to a digital product business with a talented team of cartoonists. DBD customers enjoyed using their custom dickartoons on totes, cards, pillows, books, cakes, dish ware, and clothing for unique gifts and memorable party favors. Conan himself was even gifted a dick mug!


This strange pivot to stay-at-home comedian life resulted in Delanie mentoring artists and entrepreneurs who were drawn to her unconventional strategies, inspiring the launch of her consultancy that she's been running for 5+ years. Delanie's helped hundreds of clients achieve audience growth, hit the top podcast charts, book TV and media, sign dream clientele and land speaking engagements, successfully navigate career pivots within and outside of entrepreneurship, increase their income, and free up more time. Most importantly, her clients report feeling more grounded, energized, fulfilled, empowered, and enjoy more spaciousness and creativity in their lives.

Delanie's free global community supports others (while feeding her own insatiable curiosity) with finding their sweet spot in work, lifestyle, and creative expression by providing practical guidance, hot tips, and inspiration. Delanie reaches 100k+ people monthly via her podcasts, email list, and free events and classes with a variety of special guests and speakers.


As someone who has adopted a minimalist, vegan, and child-free lifestyle, Delanie’s sought after for her thoughts on environmentally-conscious living, and especially enjoys debunking the stereotypes and myths surrounding these practices, with an emphasis on imperfect, fun, and doable action and contribution (although it is a dream of hers to live off-grid and grow her own tomatoes and have chipmunks as friends). 

Delanie’s work in entertainment, entrepreneurship, and environmentalism has been featured across countless TV shows, films, web series, podcasts, live events, and publications including NBC, FOX, Lifetime, Netflix, CNBC, Vh1, Entrepreneur, PopSugar, Authority Magazine, theSkimm, Stand Up Magazine, Thrive Global, Podcast Magazine, the book "Perf," and Bustle. 

She's an avid Tenacious D fan, spends most of her life in a hot bath, loves a thrifted sundress, eats many a burrito, and enjoys a rock solid cup of tea. She currently lives in Los Angeles with her hot ass husband, Cam, and their rescue dogs, Maverick & Goose.

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