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Media Inquiries 

Please drop your info below or contact,,

for all inquiries about booking Delanie for your podcast, platform, or event - as well as if you're a member of the media who would like to share an opportunity for mental health and wellness professionals. We are happy to relay these to our clients and community!

    Wanna Book Delanie For Your Podcast, Platform, or Event?     


Frequently Requested Speaking Topics  

+ 4 Steps To Running A Social Media Free Business (yes, it's totally possible!)

+ Debunking Minimalism Myths: Boring, Restrictive, Self-Deprivation & Other BS

+ 3 Ways To Simplify Your Mental Health & Wellness Business For More Peace + Profit

+ Minimalist Marketing: How To Ditch Platforms and Methods You Hate For Good 

+ Professional Podcasting: How To Start, Grow, Monetize, and Leverage Your Show

+ Potent Branding: Refining Your Messaging & Positioning For New Opportunities

+ Tired of Getting Ghosted? The 5 Must-Have Elements To Nail Your Outreach 


+ Unconventional Living: Choosing To Be Minimalist, Vegan, and Child-Free

+ Too Many Ideas? Figuring Out What The F*ck You Actually Want To Do Next 

+ Pivoting: Leverage Your Experience & Reinvent Yourself To Catapult Your Career 


Have another topic you'd like to discuss with Delanie?  We'd love to hear your pitch! 

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