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The D-List

An email list that gives a sh*t.

Join The D-List To Get

+ A thoughtfully designed resume template  

+ Announcements about gigs & media opportunities

+ Notifications about new podcast episodes 

+ Other fun goodies, resources, and invitations!

* All details included in your welcome email

How Subscribers Feel

"Just wanted to share that I got my first magazine feature because I heard about

it in one of your emails. Thank you so much for your generosity and all you do!"

~ Sofia 

“I got the gig!"

~ Tyler 

"The place I turn to for overall great life and career advice!"

- Stephanie

"Not your average fluffy, ad-overloaded podcast preaching the same ‘be on social media for 7 hours a day’ tired advice.

I love how Delanie helps you make your own rules based on your values and become the best at that."

~ Tatiana

“I tend to overthink a lot when starting new projects and this podcast has helped me

hone my focus and stay organized, which is a huge help since I struggle with ADHD.”

~ Brock

"PS Things were so slow on the job front, but used your resume template

and landed the interview I wanted! It's next week, fingers crossed. Thank you!!!"

~ Maggie

“Delanie offers her diverse experience, very relatable examples, tons of practical advice - all in a super friendly,

fun, no bullshit manner. And it’s credible, she isn't just repeating some coach-y theories that she learnt in coaching school.

Once I'm done listening I channel that enthusiasm back to my own business and am super intentional and strategic.”

~ Johanna

“Being neurodivergent, I get easily overwhelmed and distracted. This podcast keeps me grounded

and leaves me feeling relieved, motivated, and full of so many wonderfully simple ideas of how

I can run my business in a way that makes me really happy.” 

~ Mia

“I felt completely overwhelmed and I wanted to learn new skills other than 'hustling.' This podcast has helped me

streamline my processes, simplify in my day to day, and no longer undervalue myself or my talent.”

~ Laurie

"Delanie's minimalist approach results in hitting your financial goals sooner, and most importantly, without guilt!

She keeps it simple, easy, and very real, which is what sets her apart from the rest in her field."

~ Tillah 

"FINALLY. Transparency, ethics, and honesty being brought to the sales and marketing conversation.

Delanie is so direct while she uncovers and dissects the absurdities in the digital space and it's really f*cking refreshing." 

~ Zoe ©2024

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