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Podcast Consulting

Work 1-1 with Delanie


Please fill out the form below to be considered for one of Delanie's services.


Want to start, scale, and monetize your podcast with simplicity?

Delanie guides you step-by-step through launch or optimization of your dream show, and each experience is tailored to your unique needs and goals. Whether you're new to this medium, or you've been podcasting for years, you're invited to apply for a consultation.

You'll receive a response via email within 2 business days and will either be added to

Delanie's waitlist, invited to a Zoom call with Delanie, or you'll be given a referral for one of her colleagues who may be a better fit for your goals.


* If you don't receive a response within 2 business days, please contact


"What's the investment to work with Delanie?"

Each client receives a customized quote based on the scope of their project(s).

"Can Delanie consult on more than 1 podcast of mine at a time?"

Yes, Delanie can support you with more than one podcast. 

"Can more than 1 person be present on the sessions?"

Yes, Delanie's able to meet with you and your

co-host, producer, audio editor, etc.

"I heard Delanie mention a course, template, resource guide, etc. is that still available?"

Yes, Delanie's clients receive all relevant tools, tutorials, and templates, and

each is highly personalized upon delivery to the client and/or their team.


"Are there any testimonials or case studies I can review?"

Yes, we have an archive of 150+ written and video testimonials from clients

and are happy to share any with you that relate to your circumstances and goals. 

"Is Delanie offering business or career consulting?"

1-1 business or career consulting is not available at this time,

please fill out the form below to be considered when it's available.  

Thanks for submitting!

You'll receive an update on your application status within 2 business days. 



           APPLY FOR A PODCAST CONSULTATION HERE                                                                        



Join a global community of unconventional people and get access to Delanie's free

private podcast, notifications about cool opportunities, and invites to special events. 

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