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Peace & Profit

A Group Business Simplicity Experience

For Mental Health Professionals 

Fill Your Mental Health Service With Ideal Clients

While Reclaiming Your Time and Making More Money


Clarify Your Specialty 


Share Your Message  



Sign Your
Ideal Clients 

You've been serving a variety of clients to keep your practice going,

but you'd really love consistent, predictable revenue while 

only serving people that align with your passion and expertise. 

You know that you, and everyone in your life, will benefit from you being

well-resourced and able to take more time for yourself, but you don't know

how to implement the shifts in your business that will make this your reality. 


This Group Experience Is For You If...

+ You are having trouble filling your services with ideal clients but aren't sure where to

   direct your efforts to effectively connect with, find, attract, and retain your ideal clients 

+ You are perpetually burnt out by your current workload and you're beyond ready to make the       

   necessary adjustments to free up your time while increasing your revenue (and profitability)   

+ You are excited by the thought of being a specialist, but you don't know if niching will work since         

   you enjoy serving a variety of clients, you really don't want to lose anyone by getting too specific

Apply Here


To join the waitlistbook a complimentary Business Solution Session where you'll meet with

our Operations Director, Jennifer, to determine if this program is an awesome fit for you.

If it is, we'll add you to the waitlist, if it isn't, we'll support you with a resource or referral. 


Our Clients Are Awesome


"Not only did I get my ROI from Delanie's program quickly, I've doubled my following, hired an assistant, been featured on 10+ podcasts, tripled my podcast downloads, and was able to leave my day job! The day I left I received an email from Delanie cracking open a bottle of champagne saying, I'm so proud of you, you did it! I am now living my dream."


Nicole Baker

Coach For Perfectionists 


"I now sign clients into my signature program, have structure for the content I share, and I feel more confident. I  appreciate Delanie's alternative strategies when mainstream methods haven't always felt like a great fit for me. Staying in this simplified method really was helpful. I was surprised at how quickly momentum just picked up."

Jess Demiel 

MFT Trainee & Somatic Intimacy Coach


"Delanie helped me restructure my business which resulted in more time at home with my kids and increased revenue. I realized I had made the most money ever in the history of my business, while working the hours I wanted to work. She teaches you how to run your business in such a simple way."

Justine Carino

LMHC & Anxiety Treatment Expert

We consistently refine our services and as a result the investment may be adjusted

seasonally. Our Peace & Profit Group Experience is a 3 figure investment and our

current pricing will be shared with our waitlist via email when enrollment reopens.


Please book a complimentary session to determine if you qualify for the waitlist.  

"I wasn't sure I'd get clients and I felt insecure sharing about what I do. Now, I have consistent clients, am so comfortable sharing my work, and transitioning from therapy to coaching has allowed me to set my own hours, determine which clients I want to work with, and it's been so helpful for my own mental health. I feel not burnt out at all, before I felt burnt out all the time."

Lauren LaSalle

Licensed Therapist & HSP Coach

Self-Care Advocate


When you feel stuck, frustrated, and burnt out in your business,

it's hard to believe that running it will ever feel manageable.

The truth is, your plateau is totally fixable.


With the right specialty and offer structure, brand identity, and simple, repeatable marketing strategy, 

you can transform your business, enjoy more free time, and have the energy to pursue new opportunities.


Instead of worrying about if you'll be able to...

x  Provide ethical pricing AND pay yourself well 


      x  Ever stop working nights, weekends, and holidays

    x  Take a real vacation at some point in this lifetime





You'll get to worry about...

+ How to best serve all of the people on your waitlist

    + What media platform you want to pitch to that week

     + Which month works great for your upcoming vacation



You got into this field to help people, not to be a professional marketer.

Let us take the strategy and systems off your plate so you can focus on changing lives. 

Apply Here


To join the waitlistbook a complimentary Business Solution Session where you'll meet with

our Operations Director, Jennifer, to determine if this program is an awesome fit for you.

If it is, we'll add you to the waitlist, if it isn't, we'll support you with a resource or referral. 

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Get instant access to our Business Simplicity Resource Vault filled with tips, tools, and treats to simplify, streamline, and scale your business.



Can any mental health professional attend your group experience?


We support a variety of individuals and brands in mental health who serve clients in person, virtually, or have a hybrid model, but we don't work with anyone who does not have current clients in some capacity. Every attendee is vetted to ensure they meet the necessary requirements in their business so they can thrive throughout this process, and so we can curate a group of mental health professionals who have aligned goals and are in similar phases of growth.


Can I attend if I don't work in mental health?

Although we specialize in supporting mental health professionals, we do make the occasional exception for our group experience (consultants, coaches, and practitioners in the health and wellness space are usually the exception). You can book a complimentary session to determine if your business and goals align with our expertise.

Will I get much 1-1 time?

Yes! Our entire group experience is intentionally designed around providing as much personalized attention to your business as possible while still receiving the benefit of an awesome community of mental health pros who you can connect and collaborate with. This is not the type of group experience where you will show up on a call with 500 other people and never get spoken to by the expert. Everyone gets their top questions answered and their top materials reviewed, while still having time to celebrate collective wins and discuss fun opportunities! We know that highly personalized support is the fastest, most effective way to simplify and scale your business, which is why the support we provide is always high-touch. If self-paced courses, webinars, large group trainings, sporadic one-off sessions, and online communities are no longer moving your business forward, you are in the right place. 

What is Delanie's background?

Before supporting mental health professionals and co-hosting Self-Helpless (a chart-topping mental health podcast with millions of downloads), Delanie did a stint in the entertainment industry as a working comedian, writer, and producer. After massive burnout and the desire to be her own boss, she launched a tasteful penis cartoon business (pretty nuts, pun intended!) so she could work from home, create her own schedule, and do something she enjoyed. This successful career pivot resulted in her mentoring a variety of business owners who were drawn to her unconventional strategies, which sparked a passion for supporting mental health pros scale minimalist businesses so they could expand their impact sustainably. Her work has been featured in NBC, Lifetime, FOX, Bustle, Renewed Awareness Magazine, The book "Perf," Entrepreneur, Hulu, Authority Magazine, and VH1.


More details about Delanie's career can be found here

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